Technical questionnaire


Our aim is to obtain the maximum amount of information for the development of technical design and we do not expect fully completed questionnaire from your side. Therefore, we ask you to fill in only required, important technical specifications of a crane and technical specifications which you know and dimensions that must be known when installing the crane into new or existing workspaces.

Customer data

Company name
Contact person
Electronic address
Number of pieces of required equipment

* These items must be filled-in

Type of the crane and drive
Type of the crane




Use of the crane 

Specification of operation mode

number of work days per year
number of operating cycles/hour
load factor (medium load/max. load) * 100
crane lifetime (years)
Crane operation

from time to time

Work environment

Work indoors outdoors
environment clean dusty
aggressive (specify)
environment temperature (°C)
fire hazard
explosion hazard
Data for grab cranes
grab dredger
hydraulic (motor) grab
volume (m3)
type of transported material
bulk density (t/m3)
crane power (t/hour)
mean lifting height of grab (m)
mean length of crab travel in working cycle (m)
mean length of crane travel in working cycle (m)
 Technical features
lifting power of main lifting gear (t)
lifting power of auxiliary lifting gear (t)
speed of main lifting gear (m/min)
speed of auxiliary lifting gear (m/min)
crab travel speed (m/min)
crane travel speed (m/min)
main lift height (m)
auxiliary lift height (m)
rotation speed of rotary crane arm (rpm)
Load grip device
main lifting gear

auxiliary lifting gear double hook
single hook
Other types of load grip devices
grab two-jaw cable
multijaw cable
two-jaw hydraulic
multijaw hydraulic
magnet - specify the type
tongs - specify the type
traverse - specify the type
forked clamp - specify the type
lever clamp - specify the type
other - specify
Main dimensions of the crane

Crane control

crane operator cab
suspension control panel
remote control (radio)
combination radio/interim suspension panel
combination radio/cab
Umístění kabiny pod plošinou mostu na straně protilehlé hlavní troleji
pod plošinou mostu na straně hlavní troleje
ve středu rozpětí
na rámu kočky
Typ řídícího panelu nepohyblivý
pojízdný podél rozpětí mostu (ruční posun)
Crane power supply
power circuit
control circuit - we offer 230V, 50Hz
Main trolley wire (power supply)
Main trolley wire (power supply) existing
cable folding
cable drum 
number of conductors
length of the main trolley wire (m)
number of supply points
total input power of cranes on one crane runway (kW)
Special accessories
crane operator cab air-conditioning
main lifting gear
special requirements for signaling equipment
other requirements for special equipment